Welcome to the official website of Trent Park Museum.

As the process of establishing a full national museum begins, the team will be working with Berkeley Homes the new owners of this 50 acre Green Belt site and a number of experts to realise the vision of something extraordinary for the nation.

Trent Park has a rich history from its earliest days as a Royal Hunting ground, but most particularly during the Second World War. At the outbreak of war, it took on a role that would propel its importance onto a level parallel with Bletchley Park. But no one would learn about its secret wartime work for 70 years. 

Requisitioned for the Intelligence Service MI6, the  stately rooms were ‘wired for sound’. From May 1942 the house was reserved exclusively for some of the most senior captured German Generals and high-ranking officers.

The prisoners handed British and American Intelligence one of the biggest intelligence coups of the war when they spoke about Hitler’s secret weapon (V1 & V2) and the atomic bomb programme.

The top secret work at Trent Park shortened the war and saved lives.

Had it not been for the information obtained at this centre, it could have been London and not Hiroshima that was devastated by the first atomic bomb.’ Lt. Col. St. Clare Grondona


Trent Park Spymaster Col Thomas Kendrick
Trent Park during World War Two
WWII Secret Listener in basement at Trent Park / © Courtesy of Helen Fry
WWII Secret Listener in basement at Trent Park





















The Prince’s Regeneration Trust is advising our team on the establishment of Trent Park Museum having accepted us as part of their mentoring scheme.