The vision for Trent Park Museum is to create an immersive, educational experience for national and international visitors to its unique history.

To succeed with the establishment of Trent Park Museum, we are relying on financial donations. Please help us to make this a reality with a donation to the Trust from £1 upwards! To donate, please click here.

In the immediate interim, we require £12,000 urgently for the Museum design initial phase of work. We hope that members of the public will donate. Online appeals via social media have made some inroads into that amount, but we need the donations to keep coming in!

To donate, please click here.






The Trust has successfully completed fundraising for the first stage of work of £30,000, including:

  • Developing the initial Business Plan – to assess the viability of the museum, and identify the income streams required for sustainability; as required in the Memorandum signed between the trust and Berkeley Homes. The viable Business Plan has been produced  by Barker Langham, through generous funding from Berkeley Homes and in-house support.
  • Devising the Content Brief – to select and develop the most appropriate stories to be told (in exhibition and interpretation), identifying the objects that will enhance these stories (via collections and loans), and the activities that will bring the stories to life (e.g. tours, talks and education projects)

We have now entered the next stage in the museum’s development – for which we urgently require £26,o00 as soon as possible, and by September 2018, for the following:

  • Engaging a firm of historic architects to undertake initial historic surveys of the mansion house to liaise with Berkeley Homes during asbestos removal and renovation phases
  • Creating a Concept Design – to translate the Content Brief into a museum plan, using the given space most efficiently and imaginatively and capturing the essence of the house’s former life, as well as providing key information on which to shape the scope of the necessary capital works.

We welcome donations of items of a historical nature relating to Trent Park – please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page